Water, Water and More Water

This is a quick post to remind us that water is one of the best and most important things that your body needs.

Water makes up 2/3 of the human body and without water - the body ceases to live.

Our body needs it to function properly in so many important ways. We need water to hydrate the body. Muscles include around 80% water, so if you are looking to building muscle, then drink more water and lots of it. Of course you need to eat properly to include the necessary nutrients as well.

Water helps dissolve fat and help to prevent constipation, purifies your bladder, kidney and helps to flush out waste. Research has determined that we should drink 8, 8 oz. glasses per day. If you drink more water it makes you feel fuller and you will not eat as much during your meals and therefore this helps you lose weight too.

Water is a feel good, non-calorie drink that keep you going and drinking cold water actually increases metabolism to burn calories and helps you lose some extra pounds too. So why would you not drink more water today?   Water is Great!  Grab some water and give your body what it wants.

Thank you for joining us today from everyone at Tallwell Nutrition.



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