Post-Surgery Recovery: Nutrition Guide

Post-Surgery Recovery: Nutrition Guide

Every once in a while you end up doing something stupid and get injured.

In some cases, these injuries are pretty bad and you end up having a surgery. Recovering after such event is slow, usually painful in the first days. If only people knew that a proper nutrition is all you need to hasten your recovery, and by proper nutrition, I mean quality food, filled with everything your body needs to get back into shape. Listed below are some of the foods you should not be missing on in order to recover in no time.

Embrace the Mother Nature

As soon as you are hungry, make sure you eat a lot of fresh vegetables, along with tons of fruit. These are not only the world’s richest source of all the vitamins your body needs, but they are also rich in natural sugar and many other nutrients your body needs. It is essential that they are fresh; one lemon freshly squeezed into lemonade can fill your daily need for vitamin c, which is of the ultimate value in your post-surgery period. Have someone create a diverse menu of all kinds of veggies and fruits, and ask them nicely to make you eat it. It is for your own sake, and cooperation is essential.

Heroes in a nutshell

The first thing you would think about when reading this is “Teenage mutant ninja turtles”. Well, you are close but not really close. See, in every nut lives a hero, created solely to heal your body and muscle tissues. By know it is clear that we are talking about proteins. They are not only great for people undergoing training, but are also very effective in the post-surgery/recovery period. If you had a limb surgery, you will need all the proteins you can get to help your tissues grow back. Also, it is advised to drink a lot of milk, for its richness in calcium which is also very important for bones and their recovery. Therefore, eat lots of nuts, and the proteins in them along with omega 3 acids and fiber will help you get back on the horse in no time.

Supplements for faster recovery

Many things we mentioned can help you recover from an injury and help you heal faster, but one of the things that we have missed is something that you should be taking every day, with almost every meal. Yes, we are talking about supplements. They are known to help you improve your body mass by replace some important vitamins that we need, but they can also help your tissues regenerate and heal faster, by providing you the necessary nutrients your body needs to get stronger. For instance, after a mini face lift procedure you might consider taking branched chain amino acids for their known effect of calming muscles and helping them relax, which then further helps them regenerate and grow back to their original state.

Heart healthy diet

Every heart and vascular patients should follow a healthy heart diet. By doing so, you make sure that your medications have maximum effect and your recovery is hastened. Also, in order for the disease or condition not to return again, you have to embrace the diet as an everyday meal and know that you are doing it for your own sake. Know that a heart healthy diet boost your entire body and helps it recover faster, by becoming stronger. Multivitamin supplements are a great addition too, but only if you take them accordingly and in constant touch with your doctor or personal trainer. Once you start regaining your strength, consider staying on diet for a few weeks afterwards.

Post-surgery period is a very difficult time of an individual’s life, especially because of all the changes happening in his or her life. Embrace changes, and fight, for it is your life, and your only. Make sure your food is restaurant or store fresh, have a proper diet and you will recover in no time. 

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